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New Book Announcement

HOW TO WRITE NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINE ARTICLES    (A Journalist’s Guide)                                                                        By Larry Bate Takang

$ 17.54

$ 17.54

Have you ever wondered how to write an engaging or successful Newspaper or Magazine article worthy of publication?

Do you want to report, write and understand what news is and how it’s produced?Latest double book cover1

Have you ever given it a try?

Do you doubt your capabilities?

Finally you have found a book to show you how, and help guide you, on how to easily achieve this goal. This book is a very practical and straightforward guide written for non-Journalists, Journalism students, and practicing Journalists alike.

It is aimed at teaching you simple Journalistic techniques in news article and features writing.

Writing a newspaper article can be fun. Having your name in print and seeing the way people react to your articles, is very fulfilling. Talk less about having the power (through your pen), to expose injustices in the society and change lives. It’s been over said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but how else can you express a powerful truth?

You do not have to be a journalist or undertaking training in Journalism. All you need is to pay attention and go for it. Journalism is changing…stay professional.

This Journalist’s guide will show you techniques on how to pull off a successful article, worthy of publication in Newspapers, Magazine, journals or even in online blogs or news websites.

This book is written by a professional with 20 years of Journalism experience in broadcasting (Radio and Television), as well as print and online News and article writing and editing. He has written more than 1000 published articles and more than 200 poems during his Journalism career. In this book, he happily shares some techniques in news or feature article writing with you.

Students of Journalism across the world will find this book particularly relevant to their studies, while those already employed in journalism, or related areas will also find it useful as a reference book.

‘How to Write Newspaper & Magazine Articles (A Journalist’s Guide)’, is also available for the Kindle and for the iPad from the Amazon kindle Bookstore.

Product Details

Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: API Publisher (August 2014)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.3 inches
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Author/Journalist Larry Bate Takang signing books at his book launch in Rotterdam, 2006

Larry Bate Takang signing books at his book launch in Rotterdam, 2006

Every book added to the bookshelf is a plus. But it is more satisfying when it is a good book. When readers love it…when they laugh uncontrollably in the train, plane, metro or the bus while reading a funny scene or when they frown their faces, touched by a sad portion in the book or when their hearts pound when they read through an anti-climax.

It is as well satisfying when characters in your book are immortalized and their names used to crack jokes or used as references…

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My other books Pilgrimage of No Retreat (50 Fascinating Poems)  and How to Write Newspaper and magazine Articles (A Journalist’s Guide) are also advertised on this website. Pilgrimage of No Retreat (50 Fascinating Poems) is a collection of 50 of my most precious poems. Some of which have been dramatized to audiences across the world with tremendous positive feedback. These are 50 fascinating poems you will love.

How to Write Newspaper and magazine Articles (A Journalist’s Guide) is an elaborate guide on how to write sucessful Newspaper or Magazine articles. Copies of all three books can be bought from this site, or through Amazon, Clickbank and other online Bookstores.

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