Pilgrimage of No Retreat (Poetry)

Pilgrimage of no Retreat…50 Fascinating Poems


E-Book Version $ 7.99

Are you in search of authentic poetry and writing? Are you excited about thought provoking poems? Then you have found them in Award winning Journalist: Larry Bate Takang’s book of 50 Fascinating poems.

This book contains some of the most thought provoking poems you will ever read. From philosophical and abstract poems that make you think; through poems on nature, love, revolution, tributes, metaphysics, politics, and poems that bring a tear into your eyes with the stories they tell. Larry Bate Takang’s Poems are powerful statements of logic and wisdom that educate you on a new perspective; leaving you with thoughts to ponder.


His Poems have been described as “Outstandingly breathtaking”, “Waow”, “Extremely professional”, “Mesmerizing” etc, and audiences have been moved and remained ‘speechless” after listening to some dramatized across the world.

Even if you are not so much into Poetry, this is a collection that will turn you around. For those who understand and love poetry…‘Pilgrimage of No Retreat…50 Fascinating Poems’ is a must read collection.

E-Book Version $ 7.99 (PDF Format)

E-Book Version $ 7.99 (Mobi.file Format)

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