African Celebrities Magazine

African Celebrities Magazine (ACM)

E-Zine Version $3.00

E-Zine Version $3.00

African Celebrities Magazine (ACM) is a professional International Magazine published in both print and digital formats. It was founded in 2010. The print version is a full colour Magazine in English published on the activities and influence of famous Africans in Africa and around the world. It also covers activities of non-africans related to Africa.

African Celebrities Magazine is the Most Influential International African Magazine published in Europe. It is published under the umbrella of its parent organization, Africa Press International (API), an International Media Organization.

African Celebrities Magazine covers more than 55 African Countries with a population of more than 797 million people, speaking over 1000 languages.


? To provide you the latest and most reliable News on African Celebrities and Africa as a whole.
? To entertain you with high quality writing, opinions, advice and videos from our correspondents around the world.
? To help you go from where you are, to where you need to be faster as a celebrity, aspiring actor, singer, dancer or business person etc.
? We have the name, so working with us gives you the name as well.
? Thinking of investing in Africa?…we cover 55 countries with more than 797 million people speaking more than 1000 languages. Isn’t that what you need?
?We are your Key to promoting a stronger, faster, smarter image of yourself, your business or organization.
? To catch up with today’s “new media”…social Networks, Print, Online, Video & TV News.

E-Zine Version $3.00 (PDF Format)

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