In life, no one walks alone. There are those who join us, walk beside us, encourage us and help us. Those who belief in our abilities, potentials and have faith in our dreams.

Thanks to the Almighty God for making this dream a reality.

To my dearest and beloved sister – Judith Tambe Takang, I am very indebted for her unconditional love, support and most especially, her sincere belief in my abilities.

To my wonderful Mum – Cecilia Magbor Takang, if all the pens on earth were to stop writing, I would use my finger on the sand or the vapour on my kitchen window, to write a very big thank you to her, for her kindness, love, support and constant smiles.

To my late Dad and my late brother Michael Tabe Takang and Nicholas Tabe Takang respectively your memory will always stay alive. To all my other brothers and sisters; Vick, Antoine, Kenny, Doris-Beccle, Eunice, Delphine and Mildred, life wouldn’t have been fun without your love and support.

Special and very sincere thanks go to my friends Bas Hulst and Catalina Ghinescu in Australia and Monde Mbome in the Netherlands for their moral support. I cannot thank them enough for being such wonderful friends.

To my dearest son Dorian-Glenn Achere Takang, your understanding makes me so proud of you. May God bless you indeed.


Author/Journalist Larry Bate Takang