Pilgrimage of No Retreat (50 Fascinating Poems)


Pilgrimage of No Retreat (50 Fascinating Poems)

ISBN: 9781607259817 (poetry)

‘Pilgrimage of no Retreat…50 Fascinating Poems’ is a collection of 50 great Poems by Award winning Journalist and writer Larry Bate Takang.

Journalist Larry Bate Takang’s Poetry clearly stands out because of its power and reality, its originality and uniqueness, its ability to address issues both far and near, both natural and abstract, with an ease that is amazingly entertaining.

The poems in this collection “Pilgrimage of no Retreat” though philosophical, deep and at times abstract, are incredibly appealing even to the non-poetry lover. The language is simple but the poems are one of the most thought provoking poems you will ever read.

Larry’s poems are powerful statements of logic and wisdom that educate you on a new perspective…leaving you with thoughts to ponder.

This book is designed in a unique style to guarantee total enjoyment and satisfaction. Every poem is accompanied by a photo or series of photos as well as an explanation of the poem or a summary of the Poet’s original meanings. This style is uncommon with poetry collections but ‘Pilgrimage of no Retreat’ stands out as a bold and brave approach to reform how poetry is presented so that everyone (poetry and non-poetry lovers alike) can enjoy the beautiful art of poetry.

This book has been described as “one of the most exciting collection of outstanding modern African Poetry. If you love books and if you love poetry, ‘Pilgrimage of no Retreat’ is one of the books you must have.

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A book for lovers of poetry

Pilgrimage of no Retreat is a journey through the world of myths, legends, love, nature, revolution, tribute, metaphysics, politics and poetry that leads to a tear in your eye with the stories they tell.

The book presents poems from around the world by a very intelligent Cameroonian born journalist and poet from Rotterdam.

The title is perhaps also a bit symbolic … “Pilgrimage of no Retreat”, a pilgrimage of no retreat to the world of great poetry.

These are 50 poems I sincerely believe everyone should read. I think this book by Larry Bate Takang is the canon of modern African poetry. This was a very great surprise for me. Read for for yourself and maybe you would be as surprised as I am about the author’s wisdom.

Marieke (The Netherlands)


Hi, Larry,

I am thinking to take your book with me on my holiday, because all I have to do is walk for miles and miles and in the evenings sit down and meditate about past and future and your book will come in handy. It is also favourable that it is not very heavy in weight so it will fit in my backpack.

Marjan Blumer (Dutch professional Translator)


Dear Larry,

Congrats on your book publication. We wish you success in your endeavors.

Elvis Iruh (Editor-in-chief, The Voice Magazine)